Thursday, November 13, 2014

Today = Thursday

I'm often asked (or comments are made), how do I manage to get so much done.  Today, I paid attention - I do get a lot packed into the day.  I really am the queen of multi-tasking.

I got up at 6:30
   Caught up on my little "Gratitude" journal, doodle a bit in my art journal, got my bank deposit ready, played "words With Friends", read email and fell down the rabbit hole called Pinterest.

Had coffee with Mom, knitted 10 rows of a scarf

Wrote a quick blog post
Moved on to some housework - started a load of laundry, changed the bed linens and cleaned 2.5 bathrooms - I really cleaned the whole bathroom but 1 is a 1/2 bath. Showered and dressed

While my English muffin toasted - emptied the dishwasher
While eating the English muffin - read email and Facebook 
Tidied up the kitchen and family room

Switched the laundry, loaded a quilt onto the HQ frame, quilted until the dryer stopped.

Yogurt and grapes and Internet

Hair cut, left Mom at the hairdresser (her hair/nails takes way longer than mine)
Quick stop at the grocery store and 2 banks (2 years with us and Mom still uses a different bank),
Back to hair dresser, sock knitting while waiting for Mom.

Deliver a customer quilt (she doesn't drive), Starbucks!! Back home

2 more passes on the quilt, fold the laundry, put it away

Start dinner, set the table, BLOG about my day.

Now - while dinner is in the oven, I will stitch on my Enchanted Garden BOM.
After dinner, I will knit while watching tv, read email, Facebook and play Words With Friends.

This was NOT a sewing day, it was a house day ... And I still managed to stitch/quilt/knit.


Kathleen said...

…I'm exhausted

Misty said...

You truly are an excellent multitasker. I am always impressed by how much you get DONE!

MK Kerr said...

Do you ever just sit still and listen to your breath and think about nothing? Either that or the rest of us need to get moving!

MK Kerr said...
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