Friday, November 14, 2014

No-Finish Friday

A typically busy day here and a cold one.  Well ... the weather app said it was cold, I did not put one toe out the door.  When I was thinking about this blog post, I thought I was going to write ... I wasn't nearly as productive today as I was yesterday.  But then I really thought about my day.

Just because I didn't make a list and didn't have a finish does not mean I was unproductive.

I worked in my new scarf.

Such pretty sock yarn and it will be more visible around my neck than in my shoes.

I had a nice chat with Kid#1.  She lives local but I don't get to hang out with her very often.  While we visited, I hemmed a pair of pants for a grandie.

I prepped another block for my Imperial Blooms quilt.  And worked on my Enchanted Garden a bit.

I wrapped some Christmas gifts.  These will be going to Florida with us for Thanksgiving.

Mostly - I spent the day quilting on a very involved project - lots of stops and starts and thread changes.  It's a great quilt, not mine but certainly one of those that I dream about making.

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