Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tote Along

How fun is THIS ...

A tote bag for summer shopping!

Springwater Designs will be participating in the ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE this summer.  It's a nationwide shop hop.  Lots of shops, and I do mean LOTS, are playing. Each shop will have a FREE row pattern.  Collect them (all? some?) while on vacation this summer. Each row will be unique. AND - there will prizes!

AND - each shop will have a license plate you can purchase.  I put mine on a tote bag. I'm thinking that they would be a GREAT addition to the back of the row quilt that I will make after my summer vacation to the Outer Banks ... I already looked up which shops in NC are playing - can't wait to visit them.

Visit Springwater Designs - in person or online! The license plates are already available for purchase.  The official shop hop kicks off on July 1.

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