Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Long Time Ago

A best guess, based on the paperwork (pattern) in the bag and speaking to the woman who brought me this quilt ... it was started by her son in 1978.

He wanted to make a quilt.  He bought a kit and started sewing it.  It's a quilt-as-you-go kit, done with both machine and hand stitching.  Then - sadly - it was left in the closet for many years. 

A friend of a friend gave my contact info out and several weeks later - I finished the top for her.

The blocks were all made, there was no additional fabric or batting.  I only had what was in the bag.  The quilt will be given back to the original owner on his 50th birthday this fall. 

I bet he's going to be surprised that his mom kept it all these years.

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