Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trifecta Finish +1

Yesterday was all about binding, and getting it done!

A tabletopper that Starlyn thought "we really need to make" while we were together sewing at her house.  I really needed another autumnal quilt. (Not)

Then there's "Katie's Pumpkin", a Pat Sloan design.  Starlyn came to my house to sew a few weeks ago with 2 kits that "we really need to make". I declined ... her kit.  I had my own!

And to make it a completely successful day, I also got the binding on a donation quilt.  This is part of a large group project.  The quilts are going to St.Agnes hospital for their oncology patients.

the +1?

Saturday was my "Quarter Bee Sew-In".  I pieced some and knitted some and did a bit of HAND QUILTING. Yes folks, it's been a long time!  Starlyn had an almost finished, long ago quilt that needed some cross hatching finished up on 2 borders. We got her done!

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