Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SEW Little Time

Ok - I sew - a lot. But, I do wish there were a few more hours in my day. The list grows. In fact the number of LISTS grows. And grows and grows.

I'm quilting! Getting to know my new HQ Avante and getting stuff done.

I'm knitting! Covering the world's feet - or at least my own - in socks. Lots of socks!

I'm piecing! Swap blocks in 2 Bees, birthday blocks, a new sunflower quilt. And of course UFOs!

And today - I'm heading out on a road trip with my sewing buddies. We've talked about this for a year, and it's happening today. We're heading east and north to check out a couple of "new to us" quilt shops and a yarn shop that's going out of business(sadly).

Update with photos tomorrow!

I did quilt a top for a guild friend. She's donating it a shelter for homeless families of veterans.

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Barb said...

What a lovely quilt!!