Monday, February 4, 2013

Making Deals

Today was housecleaning day - it really needed doing and I really would have rather been sewing (or knitting or spinning or reading). So - I made deals with myself all day.
1. Load a customer quilt then strip the beds
2 start the laundry and quilt until the bobbin runs out
3. Tidy up the kitchen, switch the laundry, start sewing a string block
4. Clean the bathrooms (all 3!) BONUS time - finish 2 string blocks
5. Vacuum, shower, finish the 3rd scrappy blue block

By lunch time - a quilt block was made, a customer quilt started and my house was reasonably clean. The laundry was well on it's way, although not finished.

After lunch, I had to make a quick run to the grocery store, then home to work on the customer quilt and finish the laundry. Such a productive day!

It's 4:30 and I'm ready to put my feet up and do some mindless Internet surfing, play Words With Friends and admire my clean house.

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