Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Finish

Tuesday Finish doesn't sound as good as Friday Finish but a finish is a finish! Even a finish that isn't quite finished is good. And a finish that doesn't belong to me but my part is finished is good.

This isn't my quilt to show off so I'm only showing a bit of it. It belongs to Misty, she put it together from a quilt swap. I did the quilting, I participated in the same swap and my Burgoyne Surround is also pieced but - not yet quilted. After doing Misty's, I anxious to get mine on the frame.

LOVE the pieced braid border, Might just have to do this on a quilt,

1 comment:

Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz said...

kudos! looks fab - nice quilting Mary and nice quilt Misty! Can't wait to see it hanging next month!