Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stash Report #52

I did it! I kept track all year. It wasn't hard and it was very helpful to see these numbers every week.

Here's my report from 2 weeks ago:
Used this week : 2 yards. Used this year : 230.25 yards.
Added this week : 0 yds. Added this year 202 yards.

TOTAL : - 28.25 yards

I have nothing new to report from the last 2 weeks. I have done a teeny bit of sewing but it's an ongoing project and not easy to estimate "used" so I'm going to wait and report it when the quilt top is finished (in 2013).

I'm happy to report that I used just over 28 yards of fabric MORE than I acquired. Next week starts new numbers and I'm keeping track again.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

I think it great that you ended the year with less. I think we all would like to do that. What is better is next week is a new year and we can join you in keeping track and perhaps ending next year with less fabric on our shelves, or in storage boxes, or tucked in the attic. LOL