Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Numbers

In the month of November, I quilted - a lot, as usual.

Charity quilts for my guild : 13. These went to Georgetown Peds Oncology and Hurricane Sandy victims.
Customer quilts (for $) : 2
My own quilts : 6. These ranged from small 28" x 28" to my huge quilt 111" x 117"

UFO progress - for the first time in 2012, I did not finish or make significant progress on the monthly UFO challenge. But - I did cut little kits for the the remaining seven 17" blocks. I hope to sew them up over Christmas, while I'm in Florida. I don't even remember what's left for this year. The last UFO might actually get worked on next week, maybe.

I'm feeling a bit of Christmas pressure. Still have gifts to make and buy and wrap. I'm really trying to focus on the fact that I feel this way every year and it always works out just fine.

Can't have a blog post without of photo. Here's my mom in the grocery store, trying out the riding cart - it worked great!

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