Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's All About The Numbers (#48)

Stash report today - #48 for week ending ... today, December 1st.

Used this week : 22 yards. Used this year : 224.5 yards
Added this week : 12.5 yards. Added this year : 202 yards

Grand total : I used 23.5 more yards of fabric than I have acquired.

Not to shabby, considering - I worked at a quilt shop for 4 months of the year. The quilt shop went out of business and I was mostly paid in fabric (which I counted) AND because we were going out of business (and I was there a lot), when the sales were at 50% and even 75% off - I just couldn't pass it up. That's why my "added this year" is so high. And then, there were a couple of shop hop trips I took with friends to some great places in PA, where the fabric choices are many and the dollar prices are fewer.

I'm ever hopeful that NEXT year - 2013 - my stash report numbers will be great. Then I think I'll have to start filling the shelves back up - we need the insulation benefit that lots of fabric provides.

Here's a peak at a project I am diligently working on for a class. I need it done this week. It was going to have pieced borders but I just don't think that's gonna happen.


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Misty said...

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