Thursday, November 29, 2012


My sister(Goofy2) is getting a quilt for Christmas. It's only the second one I've ever made/gifted her. The first one (over 20years ago) was inappropriately disposed of, I'm over it - really. It's a sad sad story for a quilt - I'm over it - really. She said (15 years ago), "we loved it, a lot, and used it, a lot, and washed it, a lot."

But where is it?

She threw it away! In the garbage! But - I'm over it - really. It was 15 years ago. I vowed never to make her another bed-sized quilt. I have made her a number of pillows and table runners, but nothing substantial. Now that I'm over the trauma of her throwing away - into the garbage! - a quilt I made ... did I mention it was a wedding gift, I considered making her another quilt.

During my last visit to Florida, I happen to see a couple of runners I had made. They were so worn out and faded and frayed. She said, "I keep them in that draw because I will NEVER throw away anything you made me - ever" insert the word "AGAIN" - but I'm over it - really.

So, her punishment is done, 15 years of being quilt-deprived is enough. This year she gets the biggest quilt I have ever made. It's 111" x 117". It's totally scrappy and completely from my stash. Even the outer border - it was a curtain hanging in the storage room of the quilt where I worked.

It better NEVER end up in the garbage ... but - I'm over it - really.


cathy crosson said...

Beautiful quilt and funny story. I am sure your sister will cherish it forever:)

Kathleen said...


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great story. I have never made another quilt for my hubbys family because I'm sure the ones I made ended up in the garbage. 20 years ago I made a Christmas quilt for each of my hubbys sisters. I have NEVER seen them use it in their houses. Even the table runners I've made for them have vanished. Sooooo....... I'd rather make quilts for charity. No I'm not over it. Cause it takes too much time, effort and money to make a quilt for it to be relegated to the garbage, dog pen, or yard sale.