Friday, September 21, 2012

New Roommates

My mom is here. Here meaning in Maryland (from Florida). Here meaning here to live. The plan was to start having "extended" visits, maybe extend the visit next summer into ALL summer. You know what they say about the best laid plans? A little vertigo and a fall INTO the bathtub and "the plan" was changed. Thankfully Mom was not hurt at all. The shower curtain came down with her but buffered her fall.

So, Kid#2 moved to Florida, along with Harleigh, the Wonder Dog and I lost my morning coffee buddy. Mom moved here from Florida and I have a new morning coffee buddy!

I'm sewing less - morning coffee has a tendency to last most of the morning while we yak away and play "remember when". A few adjustments but it's all good. My Cute Husband says "she's the only parent we have left, we have to take extra good care of her."

A stair-lift was installed this week. Mom is now sleeping upstairs in her own room and not the living room. She's in good health but the stairs were a killer. And construction on a new sunroom starts in 2 weeks. Mom will have a space for her computer and tv. My
Cute Husband does love his mother-in-law but does not love Dancing With The Stars or Dog,The Bounty Hunter.


Pokey said...

Bless you as you make your new adjustments. I think it is cool that you can have Mom there ~

Katie M. said...

A lovely lady. Enjoy your mom and life's turns always lead us down a different road that most times shows us the more important things in life.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

How lovely to have your Mom with you. I would love the chance for just one more visit with my Mom.