Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful for Friends

Another example of my "quilty community"

This quilt was a shop sample (and as you may have heard - right here - the shop is now closed).

Starlyn pieced it and all the kits sold before the top even got quilted.  She did (as always) an amazing job - she's sew good matching her points!

After the shop closed, she asked me to quilt the top. Starlyn didn't think her skills were up to the job that this quilt needed.  She was thinking HQ ProStitcher.

MY skills were not up to the job that this quilt needed so I asked Donna to quilt it with her Intelliquilter.

Donna (as usual) did an amazing job with the quilting.

I surprised Starlyn with the quilt at our "shop is closed dinner".  Isn't it just beautiful!!

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