Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Zealand Strings

The quilting community of women is a pretty amazing thing.  I got a phone call on Sunday afternoon from a woman who needed her top quilted - quickly.  Quickly = right now.  She had a wonderful accent, which made sense once I found out she was from New Zealand, here in the US visiting her daughter. 

I could listen to her speak all day!

My new friend/customer Phoebe got my name from Carol (guild member/friend of mine).  Phoebe met Carol 6 years ago when she was visiting from NZ and came to a guild meeting.

Phoebe makes scrappy string quilts that are SO happy!

Phoebe's daughter has in-laws in Chicago. The "aunties" had seen the daughter's quilts and inquired if perhaps they might be gifted with one.  Being the ever-generous quilter that she is (like most of us) ... compliment our work and you just might get one!  She brought the top with her (it weighs less that way). Did an emergency search for a quilter and found me.  I quilted the top on Monday, gave it back to her at our meeting Wednesday night, she's binding it Thursday morning, and leaving for Chicago  in the afternoon. 

It was such a pleasure to help out and make a connection.


Sharon said...

It turned out lovely!

Pat said...

How nice that you could help her with that wonderful gift!

Donna Turner said...

Beautiful quilt, great quilting!