Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plying and Setting Twist - a yarny thing

After the roving was spun (on the wheel) in what is called "singles", I wound it into a center-pull "yarn cake."  I did this so that I could pull both ends - one from the outside and one from the middle and ply them together.

To ply - I spun the 2 ends together with the wheel, onto a bobbin.  That's the bobbin on the left after it's plied.

The bobbin goes onto the "lazy Kate" (made by my brother-in-law) and wound onto a "kniddy knoddy". One full revolution on the kniddy knoddy = 1 yard.

It comes off the kniddy knoddy as a skein.  The skein is submerged into water for a little soak, squeezed out, whacked on the deck and hung to dry.  Whacked?  yes, whacked several times - I have NO idea why but that's what I read so I whacked it.

And here is 41 yards of the most uneven, poorly balanced, over-twisted handspun yarn.

And I am so, damn, H.A.P.P.Y. with it!!


Donna Turner said...

Droll! That was hilarious!

Donna Turner said...

And now -- what are you going to make with it?