Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Finish

When I started this quilt, I really wasn't too happy with it.  OK - honestly - I really didn't like it. So it ended up on a shelf with stuff piled on it. It was on my UFO 2012 Challenge list for March so I had to pull it out.

I do love scrappy quilts and this one is really scrappy.  It was from leftovers from the leftovers from string quilts that my friend Donna and I made (maybe 6 years ago?) 

The first "leftover" quilt I made in a class at Quilt Odyssey with Elsie Campbell (4 years ago).  She liked it and put it in a book ... that was pretty exciting!  But this "2 time leftover" quilt (also 4 years ago), just wasn't doing anything for me.

Until yesterday, when I quilted it.

Once again, I can say, "I never met a quilt that didn't look better quilted!"

Today was a beautiful Day ... Happy Easter!


rubyslipperz said...

I have to agree whit-cha on that one...quilting seems to breathe life into the quilt.


Donna Turner said...

What a busy bee you were this weekend! The hazmat quilt looks great. Is all that freehand? If so, with the variety of fabrics you have there, what color thread did you use for the quilting? I think the quilting really made this quilt!