Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stash report 14 and 15

This whole "Stash Report" thing is GREAT! Seriously, I mean it.  Even though I'm bringing in way more than I'm using - because I work at a quilt shop that's going out of business and I'm getting paid in fabric.  It's been fun to keep track of how much comes in and how much is getting used.

AND ... how much ends up on the floor ...

Believe it or not - there's actually a laundry basket under that big pile.  And I spent part of yesterday and this morning doing some serious clean up. See that basket now?!!

On to the stash report ...
Week ending April 8
Used this week:      5 yards                       Bought this week:     20 yards
Used year to date:  67.5 yards                  Bought year to date:  107.75 yards

TOTAL: + 40.25 yards

I'm not worried.  The shop will be closed at the end of this month and then I will be using lots of fabric from my stash.

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Donna Turner said...

That was outstanding, Mary! Your stash shelves look great!