Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's so cliche to say this ... but ... math isn't my strong suit.  Apparently my stash reports weren't adding up correctly so I went back to the beginning (of my notes, not my posts) and recalculated (just like my GPS does all the time!).  Here's my new stats ...

Used this week:  6 yards                          Used Year to Date:  39.5 yards
Bought this week: 19.25 yards                 Bought Year to Date:  51.25 yards

Total as of Sunday, February 26: +11.75

I cleaned out some "skinny bolts" at the shop where I work. They were 50% off if you finished the bolt ... they still are! I just couldn't resist the price. 

Still haven't hit that magic "0" ... where I've used as much (or better yet, MORE) than I've purchased. It is only February, I've got 10 more months to go.

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