Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lu is 2/3's done! This is quite unusual for me - I don't often leave a quilt on the frame overnight.  I load it and quilt it.  Poor Lu has spent several nights on the frame, but tomorrow - hopefully - she'll be off and ready for binding.

This has had my attention lately ...

It's a rental spinning wheel ... a LadyBug ... that I'm trying out. This is my second attempt at a rental. I really hope to own a wheel someday. Someday = in the not to distant future.  I'm discouraged though.  My spinning is not very good.  It's lumpy and uneven. 

BUT ... Kid#2 asked me yesterday if my quilting was great right from the start.  Of course it wasn't! Sometimes it still isn't.  I sure did need that reminder! I'm going to keep on spinning and someday I might actually have yarn.


Donna Turner said...

That yarn looks pretty darn good, girl! Now, all you have to do is watch out for Rumplestiltskin!

Pat said...

I'm a spinner too. I started with a pencil in an apple as a drop spindle. I tried my first wheel at a class I took and ended up buying the wheel - Louet S10 . When I first started spinning, my yarn was very slubby. I was told it would improve and become smooth with practice. I was also told that the time would come when I'd find it difficult to spin slubby yarn and it's true. It's too bad. Novelty yarn is pretty popular.