Thursday, January 12, 2012


Knitter's Brewing Company makes great sock yarn. It comes in a wide variety of colors and she offers 2 different types of yarn. I've made LOTS of socks (and a couple of shawls) with this yarn. 
Wendy - owner, brew mistress and chief sock-a-holic also has a Ravelry group. It's an active group, staying mostly on topic and very helpful when a stitch just isn't being cooperative.

Several from the group decided we needed to do a round-robin type project.
So ... THE TRAVELING SOCK was born.
These funny looking things are the toes to my newest pair of socks. I won't see them again for several months. My toes will be growing and traveling all over the eastern half of the United States.

These are Shannen's socks. They arrived from New York and when I finish with the second toe, they will be heading off to Georgia.

Each time a pair arrives at my house, I will knit an inch or 2 on them and send them on their way. I'll also write in the "sock journal" any pertinent (or not) info - what stitch I used, what yarn, what the sock did last night, who it went out to play with, etc.

These socks will be having a GREAT trip and will come home wild and wonderful!


Katie M. said...

interesting concept - curious - does each person in the 'round' create a different pattern, or does the 'owner' of the sock provide the pattern to be followed as it moves along?

Donna Turner said...

I love it! What a novel and intriguing concept. I, too, wonder what pattern you will end up with -- or does each participant knit his or her own pattern into the sock? Can't wait to start the Ravelry mystery sock soon!