Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This quilt had been sitting on a shelf in a quilt shop for a LONG time. Long time = a couple of years. It had many fused stars on the background squares.  The shop no longer has the fabric or pattern and really no need for the quilt any longer.  The stars needed a LOT of machine blanket stitching or ... they needed to go.  Fusible web really isn't permanent.

Yesterday, I quilted this using both my HQ ProStitcher and some free-motion quilting.
It's a simple quilt and really much prettier in person.

Here's a close up of the ProStitcher quilting.
I'm not really sure what's in store for this humble quilt - maybe it will be sold, maybe it will be donated but either way ... it's FINISHED!

Amazing things can be done with computerized quilting - much like computerized embroidery. But my heart will always belong to free-motion quilting and hand embroidery.

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Donna Turner said...

No matter how you do it, Mary, you leave your unique touch every time. Love your work!