Saturday, December 31, 2011


Harleigh got a few goodies for Christmas. She's really not much of a chewer but she is enjoying her new toy.

This photo has nothing to do with this post but I just can't post with a picture.  I'm participating this year in a UFO Challenge. Here's my "hopeful" list:
1. Quilt my Pat Sloan, Moonlight Garden
2. Quilt my Deb Tucker Carolina Lily
3. Quilt my Marilyn Doheny Balloons
4. Finish the top - Burgoyne Surround
5. Quilt my Square-in-a-Square Christmas Tree
6. Put together the top from the 2010 Retreat Blocks
7. Put together the top from MAQ Tumbling Blocks (2005?)
8. Quilt my green "Hazmat" quilt
9. Finish (and quilt) a Dresden Plate charity quilt
10. Work on (complete the top?) Rangley Stars
11. Complete "leftovers" Black,Red, White S-n-S scraps
12. Complete the blocks for Big Behemouth

We had to list 12. Each month a number is picked and that's the UFO we will committ to working on/finishing.

I also have a few that REALLY need/want to finish but don't want to be held to waiting for the correct number ... I need a couple of them for my guild quilt show in March. In the spirit of committment, I'm listing them here.

13. Quilt Lucinda Brodie
14. Complete the top - Spectrum Quilt (TBDB swap)
15. Complete swap top - umm - don't remember the name
16. Complete and quilt - Recalculating
17. Complete and quilt - Love Knows No Season

Holy Cow ... last year I didn't officially participate but I did make a list and tried to keep up. My list had 15 items and I completed 8. But, you KNOW I completed a lot of other stuff.
Wish me luck!


Quiltsmiles said...

WOW! That's a nice LONG list but after looking at your posts for the past year, I have faith in you being able to complete them!
Your blog is very enjoyable and I really liked your blog and all the creativity you produce. Happy New Year!


Charlene S said...

As I told my DD#3 earlier tonight, you can DO it!

Donna Turner said...

What a good idea! I think I'll ask my guild if they would like to participate in something like this. At the very least, they could finish this guild year's projects for all the classes we're doing.
Meanwhile, I need to get the beam out of my own eye... I haven't finished a single one of the class projects this year! I'd better get MY project I'm teaching done this month!

Anne said...

I don't think I'm going to work on the behemoth anytime soon, just not feeling it.