Sunday, July 10, 2011


OK - first a little laugh ...

Now - the back story ... The Cute Husband was in southern Maryland on business last week; he had to meet a guy.  He called me and said, "I'm in LaPlata, at Starbucks, waiting for a guy. Guess what I can see out the window."  I blunted out, "MATERIAL GIRLS!"

Just so you know - Material Girls is a large quilt shop with the funnest, brightest fabric and the nicest staff.  It's also the ONLY place in LaPlata that I know so it was an easy guess.

The Cute Husband called to ask if I wanted him to stop and buy me something!! He's a keeper - for sure. I asked him to go in and "buy one yard of laminated fabric, sort of like a plastic tablecloth, just ask, they'll help you."  He did. They did.

And I made my sister, Goofy 1, a hat and a little bag. She participates in PaddlePower in August.  Kyaking on the Connecticut River in VT to raise money for suicide prevention.  Last year is rained and she wore a trash bag.  THIS year ... she's have a cute new hat that's water resistent and a little bag to keep her camera dry.

Trying to get a good picture of the hat wasn't an easy task.

Rocky wanted NO part of this activity at all ... thank you very much.

Always ready, Harleigh, the Wonder Dog, just KNEW hanging out with me could be fun!

And - there might be treats!

The hat? A very easy, very FREE tutorial! Check it out. Thank you Lorenna Buck for a great pattern.


Donna said...

Harleigh look so cute. Wonder if sister will look as good? Love the hat.

lorenna said...

Your hat turned out beautiful! I'm glad my pattern was of use to you!