Monday, July 11, 2011


Fellow guild member (and in my Bee) and friend - Misty put together 12 orphan blocks into a VERY pretty purple quilt.  And I quilted it.

This block has 3D pinwheels ... VERY careful quilting around them.

This one had an intricate little border.

The blocks were all different and all went together so nicely.

Get out your orphans and let them play together ... you might be surprised to find out - you've got a whole quilt just sitting there waiting for a little attention.


Sharon said...

This looks great! What a beautiful quilt you made with your orphan blocks....I am inspired!

Donna Turner said...

That quilt is beautiful! And you brought it to life with your quilting. I love the kites. Looks like that bow tie was 3D, too. It's hard to quilt around 3D stuff, so congrats on getting through it so well!