Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Christmas samples are in progress - 1 is completely finished, 1 is mostly finished and 1 is 1/2 finished.
The 1/2 finished one would be completely finished but I had a bit of a "fabric malfunction" ... twice.  I cut a piece wrong, went back to the shop to get another piece, got it, lost it, had to go BACK again and got a new piece and found the lost piece.  So ... I decided to put Christmas on hold for another day.

So, I quilted this top ...

This isn't my quilt but I did quilt it.  LOVE the orange and brown and blue together.

She just wanted a simple over-all stars and loops pattern.  It really shows up on the back.

The quilting was easy.  The challenge?  Using this premade binding.

I've never used this stuff before and it would never be my choice for binding BUT - it was actually very easy to use, once I figured out the placement and needle position.  It's a LOT wider than what I would typically use for binding. 

It worked and another finished quilt has been born!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Your quilt is great with the rich colors and I am a sucker for stars. Perfect points!

i don't like the prepackaged binding either. Rather make my own.