Monday, June 27, 2011


Deadlines help keep me moving, staying on task and getting stuff done
 ... but ...
deadlines mean "have to" sort of sewing.
And that's not always fun.
I have NO deadlines pending and NO "have to" sewing waiting!!

I'm back doing what I want and loving it.  This morning I quilted a Wounded Warrior quilt for a guild friend.

Product Update ... still using and still loving Glide thread.

 It has a shine to it, is strong and not linty ... what's not to love?!

 I blogged about these Regina Leader grips.  I wasn't sure if I like them.  Well, I do! It was money well spent. I really like how easy it is to load a quilt. They snap on (and off) quickly and hold the quilt tightly.  I'm still not happy with the initial installation but once that's done, it never has to be done again.  I would definitely recommend the purchase of these.
 Mid-day break is over ... back to the sewing room.  Can you believe it? I'm making some Christmas wall hangings? That + the AC + a fan ... helps keep me cool.

PS ... I was asked where the owl pincushion pattern came from ... Fons and Porter, Love of Quilting, Nov/Dec 2010.


Stray Stitches said...

Wonderful quilt! And beautiful quilting :)

Donna Turner said...

Don't you just love to let your imagination flow on these quilts? I'm doing a triple Irish chain right now and loving the regimentation of the chains compared to the more freeform patterns in the larger blocks. Wheee!