Monday, May 9, 2011


On to Memphis for part 2 of our trip. We spent both evenings trolling Beale Street.  Honky-tonks and BBQ, lots of music, lots of food (and lots of beer!)

And of course, we did the Sun Studio tour - this is where Elvis Presley first recorded ... and Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others.  Some say it's where it all started ... hillbilly to rockabilly to rock 'n roll.

The marble fountain in the middle of the Peabody Hotel lobby.  The ducks are brought down from the roof everyday at 9 a.m.  They spend the day swimming in the fountain.

Everyday at 5 p.m. - The March of Ducks.  The ducks actually line up and walk down the red carpet onto the elevator and go back up to the roof.  Lots of fanfare!  This has been going on for YEARS!

Memphis has music (lots of blues), ducks, and food (lots of BBQ).

And it was ALL good!


WoolenSails said...

Your trip looks wonderful, beautiful scenery and fun places to visit.


Donna Turner said...

What did those ducks do up there on the roof?

Moneik said...

I loved the Peabody Hotel when I stayed there about 10 years ago on a 4-H trip. We had a great time and loved watching the ducks!