Wednesday, May 11, 2011


What a busy day I had!

First I quilted this top for a friend.

Very springy fabric ... except that it's a Christmas quilt.  I did an over-all, free-motion design of leaves and poinsettias.

Then I had to get something together to take to my quilt guild annual dinner - tonight.  Not good planning on my part ... no planning, actually.  No time to bake (should have done this first, then quilted).  So - sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  Easy and yummy!

Then, Harleigh asked to go for a walk.  This is AFTER the walk.
 No time for a nap for me!

And ... because I have SO much time in my day, I decided to make this ...
Donna gives me the nicest gifts!  This is a pincushion kit that she gave me when we went to MQX last month.  It's about 7" round and VERY cute.  In making the pinwheel, there ended up being a 2nd set of 1/2 square triangles.  Sew ... there will be a second pincushion in the future.

In the spirit up full-disclosure ... the pattern calls for (and the kit came with) embroidery.  I used pigma pens and drew it instead of stitching it.  I did add some stitching to the seam lines.

I have 35 minutes left to kill before leaving for my meeting ... going to work on a sock.


WoolenSails said...

I thought the designs were part of the fabric print, that came out really nice with the pens.


Dawn said...

Wow, you're making me tired :) By the way, I love the Christmas quilt, and the quilting is perfect!

Carla said...

Boy you put me to shame with all that you have accomplished! Great work

Donna Turner said...

Boy! I didn't realize that that pin cushion was sooooo big! I hope you have some cute hat pins to stick in it!

Stray Stitches said...

The quilt is beautiful! And your pincushion is adorable :)