Friday, January 14, 2011


Donna came to play at my house and she's staying for a week!

It took NO time at all to start making this mess - we're good that way.

Here's what we accomplished on our 1st sewing day ...
First visit day was spent chatting and Starbucks and laughing and quilt petting and quilt shop shopping, and a guild meeting and a Pat Sloan lecture and chatting.

In between all this fun, I do have to sneak in a little laundry and the occasional meal.  The Cute Husband and Daughter #2 are very understanding of what will NOT get done this week.

More details on this beautiful quilt later.


Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful blocks!! Have fun together!

Becky said...

Oh how much fun that would be! I'd love to have a playmate for several days. In my mind I can see fabric flying all over the place getting sewed.....but in reality, there would probably be more conversation flying than fabric! Lucky you! Enjoy the time together and make a lot of pretty stuff to show us!

Charlene S said...

Once a month my BFF comes over for us to have a Play Day. Lots of talking and chatting goes on. There is always a trip to get food. Sometimes piecing gets done. It is lots of fun!