Sunday, December 5, 2010


The tree is up and decorated. And it's oh, so lovely.  We switched to an artificial tree years ago, mostly because I like to put it up early (usually the day after Thansgiving) and after years of vacuuming pine needles daily - this makes way more sense.  AND ... yep - we got the prelit one!  Now the only tangled lights are the ones that go on the front porch.  And the animal friends (2 cats and 1 dog) all have no interest in the tree.

Living in the D.C. area, we live, work and play with lots of folks who work for 3-letter agencies (NSA, FBI, CIA)  Each has it's own series of Christmas ornaments and they're all so pretty.

The White House has an annual ornament too.

We' have many ...

But our tree ornaments are varied and each ornament has a story.  This one was from my mom to me.

This one was from my mom to my husband. 

The tree isn't complete until he puts HIS favorite ornament on the tree.


Jansie said...

I grew up in the DC area (NoVa) and for the last five years my Mom has sent me the White House ornament and I just love them!! I love history to begin with, but they are always so beautiful and well designed. :) I had no idea that each agency had its own as well. That's pretty neat.

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely ornaments with us!

Donna Turner said...

Hurray! Your tree is lovely! I hope to get ours up tonight. We were too busy over the weekend to put it up then. By the way -- you were a cute little girl. You must love all the memories that come with those ornaments.