Friday, December 17, 2010


The Cute Husband has been working VERY long hours this week ... leaving the house at 6:30 am and returning home at 9 pm.  Hopefully, at least the plan is, this project will wrap up TODAY.  Last night he spent 30 mintues sitting watching TV.  Can you tell he's been missed?

His Christmas present quilt, which I decided THIS week needed to be made is almost there.  The top is finished and will get quilted today.  Sorry no updated photos but there will be a FINISHED photo tomorrow .. at least I hope there will be!

In the meantime ... I'm sharing a few photos from our Christmas tree ... all gifted from friends and family. 


Elizabeth said...

Love your sewing machine ornament. And your husband is cute.

So, guess what? I was totally inspired by your quick progress on his t-shirt quilt that I decided yesterday to make one for my husband for his birthday (which is two days before Christmas). Hopefully, I'll be as fast and efficient as you. I'm not piecing my sashings, so that should help. I posted about it here and linked back to your posts. Good luck on getting yours done.

Donna Turner said...

Poor Rocky. First a dog, and then the master is missing for hours at a time. He needs a blanky for when Steve is away.
Went to JoAnn's in Petersburg to get flannel backing. Manager there totally incompetant. Measured my four yard piece FOUR times before entering it in the machine. Then screwed up the checkout. I ended up having the entire purchase voided, and then I just walked out. Sheesh! If the snow isn't too hard tomorrow, I'm going to Raleigh where they know what they're doing!

Donna Turner said...

PS LOVE your ornaments!