Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hopefully this doesn't qualify as a "sharing violation" ... but I'm short.  I'm 5'3" and the shortest person in my family.  My sister's kids have been taller than me since they were 8 years old. OK - maybe 9.  So - I'm short and I do NOT wear heels.  I need to be close to the ground.  We're not getting into the clumsy part.

A strange thing happened yesterday. 

I bought these shoes from Lands End.  Walking around my house, it was so weird to be taller.  I'm not talking stilts, but a couple of inches really made a difference.  I like being taller.  Might need more shoes.

A little more sharing ... I HATE to shop ... ALL kinds of shopping ... well, except for a quilt shop.  I ordered these shoes on-line, in my Snuggi.  Now - THAT's shopping!

I finished another sock.  This is will be a Christmas present and I'm not saying who gets it ... just in case someone is reading this post.  Sometime in the near future (before Christmas) this sock will have a soul mate.

Today I finish quilting my yellow-needs-to-be-bigger Springtime quilt.  Might even get the binding on!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I'm short too Mary, and it does feel funny when I wear shoes with even the littlest heel. Sigh..... tall people (and they are ALL taller then me) can reach the top cabinets at my house ;-)

Stray Stitches said...

I'm so glad to hear that there is somebody else out there that doesn't like shopping. I absolutely hate it (well, except maybe fabrics). I do all of my shopping online except grocery shopping of course. And if I could do that online I would! Love the sock!! Are your shoes comfy?