Friday, November 19, 2010


Two big finishes and one big change!

Because I know Karen reads my blog ... here's her quilt - all quilted!  I really love this pattern and did draw it out on graph paper so I can add it to my ENORMOUS list of "quilts to be made."

The borders are quilted with leaves (similiar to the inner border fabric). and the center is a feathered triangle pantograph.

I think this picture is turned sideways.

The second big finish ... while fussying around getting my machine to work to it's usual perfection - I put this top on the frame and got it quilted.  I pieced it last January while visiting Donna and "quilting at the lake."  This one is going to Andrew's Air Force Base to a wounded soldier.

Check another UFO off the list!!

AND ... the big change ... look who came to live at our house ...

This is temporary ... let me repeat that just for emphasis ... this is temporary ... let me repeat that just for emphasis ... this is temporary.  Got it? Need to read that again?  I'll be glad to keep typing it ... this is temporary.


Regina said...

The quilt and the quilting are gorgeous! Great job!

That's very sweet of you to watch that doggie. I'm trying to find a dog sitter now and it's HARD to do. Kennels charge as much as a hotel. It's insane!

Donna said...

Temporary, you say? The sweet little doggie looks perfectly at home to me! Happy quilting.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Beautiful quilting job! Thanks for sharing.

xo -El

Karen G. said...

WOW!!! I absolutely love it!! It looks gorgeous! SOOOOO pleased :) I love your UFO too. So good to get one off the pile, isn't it? The dog is temporary......looks right at home to me....pretty comfy LOL