Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday I went to a scary place.  I needed a quilt block - just one - to make into a bag (more on that next week.) So I braved my way into the "orphan trunk."  Sometimes, but not often, I decide to clean up my sewing room and put unfinished stuff away.  Extra blocks, stuff that didn't work out, leftovers of the fabric kind, go into this trunk because I KNOW someday I'll get back to finishing it ... whatever it was.

And in my quest for ONE quilt block, I emptied out all sorts of bits and pieces.  Getting reacquainted with long forgotten friends and making a general mess ... worse than the usual mess ...

Just a brief aside ... in my haste to make room for a teeny bit of cutting (which is all the room I could squeeze out of my VERY crowded table), I managed to push my bulletin board off and behind my table - making an even BIGGER mess than the general mess. 

I happened to be talking to the Cute Husband on the phone when the bulletin board crashed.  The conversation went something like:  "What the heck was THAT?"

me:  The bulletin board that's propped on the table and NOT hanging on the wall.

him:  OH ... was that something I was supposed to do?

The good news ... I found an orphan block to use.  The better news ... I also got 2 new tabletoppers made from leftover bits!

And VERY efficiently, got it all quilted together.

I also managed to quilt and bind another Mountain Baby quilt for Dawn, who I'm seeing tomorrow for a grown up "play date".  I do love having sewing buddies.


Becky said...

My work area looks eerily similar to yours!!!lol I think most quilters are in danger of turning up on the "Hoarders" show (at least for one room in their house)!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces. I didn't know you could small pieces like that on a long arm, very nice.


StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been working in my sewing room for two days and it looks worse than when I started the organizing. :( Surely after one more day it will be better! blessings, marlene

Deb said...

Yes, but think of all the things you found that you had forgotten about lol. I love the colours in that bottom quilt. Gorgeous!