Thursday, September 16, 2010


Remember this ... You'll be seeing this again. Tomorrow I head south to Donna's beautiful lakeside home for sushi and an overnight. Then on Saturday, we're heading to Tryon, NC for a week long retreat that will involve lots of sewing and some "mystery activities." I had to pack a hat, a fabulous pen and blank book, a girly outfit and nice bedclothes. The above photo is the homework assignment. When I get back ... it will be a lovely "Fan-tastic Garden." Stay tuned!
And because I'm a "quilter who knits" - this is what I finished with yarn this week. I've never knitted anything other then than socks ... lots and lots of socks. This is a shawl and I had to block it. A tense moment when I submerged my pile of yarny stitches. I was brave and simply followed the instructions

A bit out of order - sorry. This is what the shawl looked like before dunking and blocking. The bottle of Cherry Blossom lotion is simply for perspective.

Here it is ... all layed out and pinned. It took several hours to dry and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It's not too late to join Knitter's Brewing Company - After Hours Shawl, knit along. You won't be disappointed.

Because I can't resist looking at them and I KNOW you love it too ... here's another Newport, RI photo.

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