Tuesday, September 14, 2010


According to my blog ... I'm a quilter. But if you've been reading here lately you might think I'm simply a traveler who knits. I'm still completely "filled" from my recent visit to RI. A bonus ... when I got home ... This was waiting for me. My furious knitting paid off - I won yarn! and a Laurel Burch bag! from Knitter's Brewing Company for the completion of ONE "Fancy Fishnet" sock. Wendy does a drawing at the end of each of her KAL's and I've entered many and finally won - WOO HOO!

Of course one sock isn't going to get worn until it's "sole mate" is done. Maybe soon, maybe not.

And, because I'm a quilter - really - I AM a quilter ... Here's a finished quilt. My guild, Southern Comforters of Bowie, is hosting a "Quilt Bingo" next month and this will be one of the game prizes. A simple sampler out of plaids.

Now I have GOT to get busy getting ready. Yep ... traveling again. On Friday, I'm heading to NC with my friend Donna to a quilt retreat with Marilyn Doheny ... LOVE her style.


Madame Samm said...

I believe you...you are quilter..and I like your quilting very much sugar..

blessings from quilt story madame samm

Béa said...

Beautiful, I love plaid. Hugs from France.

Quiltstory said...

Very cute quilt, plaids are great! I know what you mean, Heather and I are quilters, knitter, decorators...sometimes we just can't decide!!
Thanks for stopping by Fabric Tuesdays. See you next week! :)