Wednesday, September 1, 2010


No, this will not be a blog post about one of the Cute Husband's favorite movies. Yes, sad to say - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is one of his "nothing-else-to-do-on-a-dreary-winter-afternoon" go-to movies. But ... this isn't about that.

This is about the world's ugliest kitchen ...

This is what my mom's kitchen looked like when she first moved here in June. I can't believe she BOUGHT this condo with such an ugly kitchen.

The ceiling alone is beyond words ... it sort of looked like a bee hive. The cupboards were that awful pressed board and crumbling on the inside - don't even get me started on the dirt! And ... in case you missed it - the ones on the right, don't match the others. Dishwasher didn't work and we never tried the stove. Refrigerator? Don't be fooled ... it's brand new, the old one - broken and had to be replaced the very day she moved in.

One month later and lots of help from a very nice man at Home Depot, not to mention the sweat and tears of Mom's wonderful handy man ... We kept the footprint and it is a very small (cond0-sized) kitchen, but ... with the help of Phillip (the Home Depot guy) and Thomasville (the manufacturer) and my persistent asking of questions - Mom gained WAY more cupboard space, a much more functional kitchen, better lights and an all-around nicer space. AND ... no "dead space" in the corners.

Makes me almost wish I was redoing my own kitchen!

And ... I finished a pair of socks.

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