Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DAY 2 and DAY 3

Day 2 of "John and Krista's Greatest Adventures in MD" was spent in Washington D.C. They came to visit their Nation's Capitol once before but they were only 5, cranky and don't really remember it. So ... we spent the day seeing the sights.

The first stop ... The Navy Memorial. NO ONE gets to D.C. with the Cute Husband without paying their respects to the Navy Memorial.
Don't the kids looked thrilled! Listening to Uncle Steve go on and on about "water from the 7 seas" (get we get a drink?) and President Kennedy (who?).
On to the White House ... ok, now that was cool, except we didn't actually see the President or even any Secret Service, or drug sniffing dogs or guns or any sort.

And our Nation's capitol ...

We then walked and walked some more. It was hot but there was a breeze and an ice cream vendor on most corners. We did walk past the National Gallery (sorry, Nancy - by not in) and spent 2 hours in the Smithsonian (American History) - big exhibit about past Presidents. We got see the top hat that Pres. Lincoln wore on that eventful night at the Ford Theater. Steve was in heaven! The kids were great, very tolerant, mildly interested at times and ate a BIG lunch.

I then took pity on them and we finished up with a "windshield tour" of the city. I never get tired of sightseeing in Washington, D.C. There is always something to see.

Day 3 - the kids slept 1/2 the day, then it was off to the mall ... we were having ipod problems. Got the ipod fixed, had lunch and HOME TO SEW! Yes, the kids asked if they could sew. I'll post pictures of their work later.

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Donna Turner said...

Incredible picture of the Washington Monument! Well done!