Monday, July 26, 2010


On the first day of our adventures to Quilt Odyssey, Donna and I detoured a bit through Intercourse, PA to visit a few quilt shops and quite literally pumped into Bonnie Hunter and lunch with her.

I actually ran into Bonnie (not so quite literally) several times during the weekend and each time I got a big "HELLO" like we were long lost buddies. Don't you just love friendly quilters!

And how fun was this ...
Here we are ... Pat Sloan and me ... just hanging out at her booth! Pat's "shipping department" took this photo of us. I walked by her booth about 7 times before I actually stopped and spoke to her.
Don't you just love friendly quilters? ... oh - I already asked that ... but it deserves repeating - the whole 6 days was spent smiling and talking and hugging and visiting and shopping and of course sewing.

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