Sunday, July 4, 2010


My mom was desperately seeking 42" sheers for the guest room in her new condo. They were (ARE) not to be found. 63", 84" - no problem but 42" ... I couldn't find them anywhere within a 50 mile radius of her home in Florida or at my house in MD either. I could order them from Penney's - backordered until end of August ... so ...

I bought the "too long" ones and hemmed them for her. I tried explaining to her that having ME hem curtains was similiar to having Michelanglo paint a house but ... she wasn't buying it. She reminded me that she gave birth to me and ALL that it involved so I caved - and hemmed a pair of curtains.

I did then get do a little creative sewing - finished another Mountain Baby Blanket ... oh so sweet!



Donna Turner said...

You just gotta love those birthing repartees! This was hilarious!

earth mother said...

Oh Michel A. prob painted a floor or two for his Mom even tho he's better known for that pretty ceiling ! You did embroider something sweet in the corner of her sheers...didn't you?