Saturday, June 5, 2010


Holy Moly ... did you all forget about me? My life has been in a bit of disarray lately. I've been without my computer and internet access for 2 weeks. Last night, I very successfully managed to hook up my mom's computer and added a wireless router ... WOO HOO - I totally rock!! AND, I'm back to reading (writing) blogs ... I've been suffering from withdrawal.

No - these boxes are NOT mine. They belong to my mom. After 16 years in her "retirement house," it was time for Mom to move into a condo. How does one put 2200 square feet of stuff into a 900 square foot condo?
We sent some stuff to a consignment shop, we sent some stuff to a donation center, we sent some stuff to the dump. BUT ... my sisters and I got to take some favorite-family-memory-filled things to our own homes.
I'm still in Florida helping get Mom settled. I'll be heading back to MD to my own home, my own BED, my sewing studio and my husband and kitties in one more week!
We had ice cream for dinner tonight ... it hasn't been all bad!


Donna Turner said...

Goodness! I hope you had big strong men move those huge boxes in there! Send some pictures when you can see the furniture, LOL!

Karen in Tucson said...

So nice to see you back in the WWW. Have missed you here and at Pat's Mashup. Love sorting through all the memories, even if it is hard work.

Dawn said...

Time with your Mom, and Ice Cream for dinner! Sounds like the best of times :) Enjoy!

Tracey said...

I wish your mum all the best in her new home, and hope you get back to your sewing again very soon,

Take care