Thursday, May 6, 2010


My youngest daughter thinks I can make anything. A wonderful compliment but it's not always easy to meet this expectation. She also thinks her Dad (the cute husband) is Superman. That does NOT make me Lois Lane!

So, while traveling to our friend Donna's house - daughter came north and I went south, Sarah ask me to make her a pouch for her flat iron (?) straightening iron (?) non-curling iron (?). This thing gets hot and stays hot long after it's turned off.

Sarah found a pattern for one in Quilter's Home magazine. It was for a small Clover iron, not big enough. I futzed around with it, made it bigger, gathered it at the bottom, made a few other adjustments and ... here it is.

The cord needed it's own spot. I used Insul-Brite for the batting so it can be put away hot and stay protected. Wasn't exactly sure how much fabric I'd need (this was a trial and error type project) so I quilted up a fat quarter. Ended up with enough left over to make a HumBug Bag to go with it. It's getting mailed to her today.

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Karen in Tucson said...

Mary - I love the bags. So clever of you to futz around and get it right. I do a lot of that but they don't usually work out!