Monday, March 22, 2010


Thought you might enjoy a little bit of the Southern Comforters quilt show...
I loved the way the colors play across this quilt. Is it set on point? Love how the blocks go into the border. And the quilting? Just lovely.
The 3-D illusion is outstanding on this quilt. It's all about the color/fabric choices. And it won a well deserved ribbon!
This next quilt is called - Safari - just look at those cubes. They look like they're floating. I've shown quilts before that were made from the same pattern but used different fabrics ... here's another example of what a difference the fabric makes.
This was my favorite. The pattern came from the book One Block Wonder, Encore. My husband actually called me over to see this quilt ... fabulous! I really need this book.
And ... last but not least ... another one of my quilts - Cat Tales (designed by Helene Knott). I love this quilt. The little kitty faces are just so sweet, and those little mice make me smile. This quilt won a BLUE ribbon!! I've never won a blue ribbon before ... YAY for me!!

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Dawn said...

Yay! A Blue Ribbon ~ how cool is that!!