Monday, March 22, 2010


This past weekend was my guild's (Southern Comforters of Bowie) quilt show. Who hasn't been to a quilt show? Who hasn't wandered around soaking up all that fabric goodness. Who hasn't run home and started a new project after being inspired by just being there? Who hasn't ever helped with SET-UP?

Here's the gym when we arrived. Outside that door at the far end - a U-Haul truck filled with PVC poles and connectors and tubs of muslin drapes and rubber mallets and miscellaneous STUFF. The folks gathered there are energized quilters and a few tolerant (and wonderful) quilter husbands.

After a couple of hours of fun ... uh ... well ... yay ... FUN, not to mention a little confusion - which way do the "feet" go? a 10' pole really won't fit in an 8' space? does the drape go on BEFORE the pole is in place? did you really just drop that mallet on my head?
But in the end ... SO worth it!

Here's one of my quilts ... I BELEIVE, a Pat Sloan design. Check out the left side border ... see that red ribbon. Yes my friends, that quilt won a red ribbon. YAY for me!

After all that hard work on Friday night setting up, here's how Cute Husband spent HIS well-deserved day off on Saturday.

Late Sunday afternoon, was "take down." Just read this post backwards and you'll get a feel for how that looks. The difference is - the quilters are no longer energized and the quilter husbands are a little less tolerant and whole lot more wonderful.
Then there was beer.

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Dawn said...

...And a red ribbon too! You didn't tell me you won ribbons!! Congrats, you had a great weekend :)