Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Look what arrived in Lancaster, PA this week, all the way from Salt Lake City, UT. OK, so it's just a truck. But it is a very nice RED truck and it did haul all sorts of Handiquilter stuff. AND ... My picture is on BOTH sides of this truck. I'm 2nd from the left. Imagine - my photo traveling across the country for all to see ... darn good thing I'm not in the witness protection program!
On Sunday, I attended a fiber festival here in MD. I bought some really soft sock yarn. The color is tangerine. It's not quite as bright orange as this picture. I do hope to make these socks soon. But then ... I ALWAYS hope to make stuff soon. Sometimes soon takes awhile.
I also purchased this giant multi-hank of yarny goodness. It's all dyed the same but it's 12 different types of yarn. Someday it will be a beautiful sweater. That is, if I can bring myself to divide it up and wind it. It's just so pretty and soft the way it is.
And ... because I haven't posted any in a little while, thought you might enjoy a little peak at my "big girl" kitty - Diva. She was napping this afternoon and a long morning of ... napping.

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trish said...

Precious kitty! :o)
Did you create the afghan?
It is just gorgeous!
Sincerely ~ Tricia