Wednesday, February 24, 2010


About a year ago, I started making a quilt called Fantasy Star. It's in the book: Advancing On II by Jodi Barrows. Jodi is the queen of the Square in a Square technique. I bought her original book and ruler ... oh ... maybe 12 years ago. It sat on my shelf for 11 years. Actually it sat on the shelf of 3 different homes in those 11 years. One day, I decided it was time ... time to learn how to use this ruler that has no measurements. The only numbers on it - 4 different angles.

Anyway - a year ago and Fantasy Star - I started it, even got a fair bit done on it and then the whole bin got lost in that scary place. You know the spot - in your sewing room, under LOTS and LOTS of other things. And then it somehow managed to make it's way out of the scary place and into the light. When I opened the lid ... this is what it looked like.
I almost put it back into the scary place. Where do I start? Where did I end? What the heck are these pieces? And where are the directions? Oh my ...

Square in a Square (SnS) isn't done in the typical cut-out-the-shapes-and-sew-them-together method. It's all done with strips and squares and the very special "ruler with no measurements." After sorting out all the pieces in the box and still not sure what some of them were for or from or even if they were part of this project ... I reread the directions. HURRAY - I might actually be able to put this baby together!

Jodi's directions are very simple, very clear and there are pictures. This is part of the border. It's already been pieced, cut (with the special ruler) and stitched again.

And cut again ... with that special ruler.

And cut again ... yes - with the special ruler. Actually, this last cut can be done with any ruler.

Then all I had to do was repeat this step 30 times and end up with 60 pieces. And THEN - just sew those together. Here's part of the border being auditioned with some border fabrics. I've actually only completed 12 of the pieces. Hey - remember ... quilting is a journey not a race.

And here's the center part of the quilt. I'm so close to finishing. I refuse to let this quilt sneak back into the scary place. It will be completed!!! someday ...