Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up

Ever gone on a quilt guild retreat? If you have, you KNOW how much fun it can be - how inspiring, how creative, how tiring. If you haven't ... you're really missing out on a whole lot of fun, creativity and lack of sleep. Not to mention ... too much talking, laughing and eating.

It was a very busy weekend for me. I got to try some fabric dying. The first picture is 2 of my favorite pieces. There's a whole lot of science behind this whole process ... none of which I really paid much attention to and didn't really follow all the instructions. My method seemed to work just fine ... scrunch it up, squirt in some dye, moosh it around and wait. Then rinse, rinse, rinse.
It worked for me! Here's my pile of hand-dye fabric. Now ... the real dilemma - what to do with it? Look at it, fondle it, look at it some more. I will cut into it - someday. We made pincushions. It's sort of tradition now at our guild retreat. These were really easy and pretty darn cute. I made 2. Then we put all the little pincushion friends together for a photo op.
After much sewing and laughing and eating. I returned home Monday afternoon and look what I found waiting for me ...

After almost 34 years, the cute husband knows me so well - my favorite candy, my favorite coffee, flowers (always a favorite) and a goofy card. Happy Valentines' Day!!
Tomorrow I'll show you the quilts I worked on at the retreat. Nothing got finished but progress was made on several projects.

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Love those pincushions, Mary! What do you stuff them with? Just adorable!