Friday, January 15, 2010

Tidying Up

Do you watch those before and after shows on HGTV? Did you ever wonder if they set the stage and made it look worse before they did the re-do? I just started my own and I honestly did nothing to prep before getting started.

Could you work on this cutting table? Seriously? Yesterday I was working on a little Valentine quilt. If you look real close you can see it. There - in the middle of the mess. I did not have a New Year's resolution for a "studio re-do" but I did have a sudden awakening ... this place REALLY needs to be tidied up.

OK - It really needs a complete overhaul. The whole space looks this bad ... maybe worse (?).

And after several hours ... voila! Isn't this sooo much better! I can actually cut something out and not lose all the pieces or worse ... and I have done it ... cut something by mistake because it was under what I was working on. The bags of scraps? I did throw away a few teeny pieces and the rest got sorted out and stored.

Here's where I stored my strips and scraps. This dresser has been in our garage for almost 2 years. It belonged to my MIL. Yesterday my cute husband and son-in-law moved it to my studio and my "big board" ironing board fits perfectly on top. We all win! Husband has a spot to put the new snowblower and I have lots more drawer/storage space. Son-in-law ... he got a bag of gingerbread cookies to take home and share with the kids.

The statue? Well that's a story for a whole 'nother day. We call her Natalie.

I can't show the pictures of the rest of the sewing room because I don't have any "after" shots. There isn't an "after" yet. But - there will be. Small steps.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It's looking good Mary! What a great way to use the dresser!