Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Knows No Season

Love Knows No Season is the title of a new Block of the Month by Elsie Campbell. I finished my January block. I will, without a doubt, finish this quilt. It's not a mystery, no surprises. You can see the whole finished quilt on Elsie's web site and the patterns ... are FREE! Hurray for free!!

I just found and joined AmyLouWho for her Friday "sew 'n tell."


Elsie Campbell said...

WOW, I'm blown away! I haven't even come close to finishing my own block yet. The finished quilt top is as the quilters, and I'm anxiously waiting to see it. (May I steal your photo and post it on my blog?)

pinksuedeshoe said...

Wow, this is LOVELY. I just can't get over it, beautiful work! I hope to see you on Sew and Tell again.